Two dreams 2013

21st November 2013

I was on the bus and Sarah got on. She had facial hair on her chin and she was holding a doll and mumbling to herself. She sat in the seat in front of me and I watched her thinking ‘Poor Sarah, Ending up like this.’ I asked her how she was and she said something about the man she loved loved me and I didn’t love him.

27th November 2013

There was a shapeshifter boy with blond hair. He leaned into me, pushing me down onto the floor where he proceeded to push me around the room. He started kissing me and as he did he he started turning into a dog and was licking my face instead. I was trying to stop him from licking me and trying to get him to kiss normally again? He was apparently gay so not entirely sure why he was kissing me tbh and he had a sister who could also turn into a dog. They were pugs btw.

13th November 2013

Sam, a teacher guy (looking familiar), giant sand huts built by some really bored person. Dion maybe? One eyed sunglasses were hanging of a fence which Dion pointed out to me. I went into this run thing between two of the huts and got stuck while swimming through the water. Sam was trying to pull me back into the hut and hurt me in the process. I remember the water going into my mouth, it felt like drowning.

Giant, silvery, purple cowboy hat, matching dress and wings. I said something about needing the matching dress, and that it was somewhere at home. I was telling one of the ladies from ‘course’. The teacher guy was speaking Swedish and I was confused because I couldn’t understand him.

Two dreams 2013

23 September 2013

Some really big guy was trying to get me. Like, he was trying to get into my house. I think I was outside at some point and he was trying aggressively trying to get to me. I was panicking so much because I didn’t want him to get to me. I think I got away from him at one point and ran into my house, and he couldn’t get him because there was some sort of ward on the house.

  • Ben and Jared
  • Talking about Armageddon expo

8th November 2013

My teeth were all rotten and falling out.

Two dreams 2013

11 September

Cameron liked me.

Me and Cameron were sitting in a room, it kinda looked like the computer lab at RNLS, we were a couple of seats apart. We kept looking at each other. He then leaned down and drew something on a piece of paper or wrote something down. He got up and came over to me. I stood up as he approached me and handed me the piece of paper. There was a bunny drawn on it. I leaned against his shoulder and sighed.

18 September

I had an autographed book that Deidara had written. Somehow it ended up getting destroyed. I remember an ocean or like a beach.

Anyway, I was really upset about the book being destroyed.

I ended up bumping into Deidara (super exciting right 😉 ) and told him what happened. He said that he would hand write the entire book for me again and sign it, because apparently there was only a limited number of copies available and I wouldn’t be able to buy another.

Three Dreams 2012

First Dream

I was a wanted criminal; the whole world was trying to capture me and I think I had a friend with me who was also wanted. Toby was trying to help me to escape across a rice field next to a modern, futuristic looking city.

Second Dream

  • Very tired, couldn’t keep my eyes open
  • Mum and Dad’s house
  • Nails in my bed, I was trying to take them out so I could sleep
  • Dad was talking to me
  • Nick and Blair

Third Dream

  • Marlena and me were talking about getting food at maccas, cheese burgers with yogurt wtf gross.
  • Parking Lot
  • Stairs
  • Guy getting a job at maccas

Two Dreams 2012

First Dream

Some big white building, like a mall except it was full of bedrooms rather than shops.

I remember a brown haired lady in one of the rooms.

Suddenly things got super creepy and I think someone was out to get me.


Second Dream

Down near St Patrick’s church – the white one. I had some plan of getting inside the church.

Suddenly the landscape changed and so did the church, however it was still white but not it had a flat roof. The priest was outside with a group of people. I asked for the key which he threw up to me. I then jumped up onto the roof and unlocked a trap door there and climbed down into the building.

Inside eventually I ended up finding a group of kids. Some guy was trying to kidnap all the kids including me. I wanted to help save them. I remember all of us running around inside the church which was starting to look more and more like an old school building. I think we were being chased.

3 Dreams

First Dream

  • Miss D’roo, some sort of competition
  • Large shower thing, Ben was washing my hair

Second Dream

Ricky was playing his fishing game and I was trying to talk to him and he got angry at me.

Third Dream

  • Sleepover?
  • A Lady was trying to kill me
  • Door wouldn’t shut properly
  • Nick was trying to push the bouncy castle up the right way.

5th March 2012

Again a dream with notes 😛

  • People who were there; Brock, Karl, Fredrick, myself and a black haired nurse looking lady.
  • I remember a scarf which was Brock’s, but Karl was wearing it; I remember that I had promised Fredrick a scarf but couldn’t remember what color.
  • Big Hill, which I fell down a couple of times.
  • School/hospital place
  • The toilets had instead of toilets in each cubicle, a black coffin.
  • I found my GBA games in a toilet cubicle as well as a really weird picture of Simba

9th October 2012 / 12 February 2012

Jess, Ricky (?), Sam.B, myself and two other randoms were at the mall. I remember a cake stand with a blue cake on it. I remember Jess wanting to try the blue cake. I remember Sam.B buying lots of food.


I hurt Ricky or upset him somehow and he got really angry at me. (I honestly ended up thinking that this dream was a premonition)

25 November 2012

Okay so basically I just wrote down notes of what was in the dream but didn’t write down the actual dream

  • Simba (from the Lion King)
  • Friend
  • Playing in the leaves
  • Aladdin’s ‘A whole new world’ was playing
  • My House
  • Someone was after us